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Journey To The Summit

July 17, 2014

Long’s Peak, Estes Cone, and lily’s lake are the three major elements in the photo above. On Tuesday I posted this picture and did some research to determine where I was and some interesting facts about the area. I was amazed at what I found. I thought the adventure was in taking this picture. Turns out, I had just as much fun researching the area. I found out some awesome stuff about Long’s Peak that I would love to share with you.

There are several interesting facts about the mountain on the left, Long’s Peak. It’s a fourteener, which means its peak is over 14,000 ft. It is the tallest mountain in Rocky mountain national park. It also turns out that it is a very popular peek to climb. Each year thousands of people attempt to reach the summit which stands at 14,259. At least one person dies each year attempting to reach the summit. Youtube has captured some of these events and they are amazing to watch.

Ok before I show you these videos lets establish something. I am all for perusing the world, but what you are about to see is not only where I draw the line, but I am so far away from doing this that I cannot even see the line. :) Ok back to the climb. There are six sections to this climb The keyhole, the ledges, the trough, the narrows, the home stretch, and the summit. I have posted the videos in order from the keyhole, where the climb begins to the summit.

The Keyhole

The ledges

This area does not appear to be as bad as whats coming.  I am not going to do it but its better than the foolishness to come.

The Lower Trough

The Middle Trough

The Upper Trough and the Narrows

The Home Stretch

I think the home stretch is the craziest of them all. It appears they are going straight up.

The Summit

Finally, this is what it’s all about! For these guys climbing this peak is what gives them life. For me it is the adventure of photography. It’s about charting out an adventure, fulfilling that adventure by taking a trip, documenting my travels with photos and finally sharing them with whoever will listen. I suggest you do the same. It doesn’t have to be photography. It could be singing, acting, or dancing. You should find what makes you happy. Do it and do it well. Document it. Discuss it with whoever will listen. I believe if you do these things opportunities will come your way. And if opportunity does not present itself, at least you had an amazing time in the process.

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